What Our Guests Are Saying

Below are reviews from some of our satisfied guests. Read their testimonials and learn what they like about KJ’S Homestay Services.

I am from Saudi Arabia and I am a student at the language institute of Georgia Tech.


The homestay was very clean.


The host gave me lots of valuable information about the city, and helped be more conscious and alert.


The homestay is located in quiet neighborhood, walking distance to a Marta stop, cinema, two shopping areas and many other attractions. Thanks!

- Ali

As a corporate transfer from Florida to Atlanta the homestay was ten minutes to my job, so that was convenient. The place was close to the highways and walking distance to shops and restaurants. I enjoyed coming home and the place was very clean.


The rent was reasonable and the rent included the use of the kitchen and wireless internet.


The neighborhood was safe and I will recommend other corporate transfers.

My name is Elva and I was not familiar with Atlanta; by renting this room it enabled me to get to know the area and I was able to transition to my apartment.

- Elva

I moved to Atlanta with hopes of securing employment as well as housing. Fortunately, I met Ms. Jay and she provided me with a furnished room that was in my budget.


I would look for jobs online every day and had a few interviews but I still was unemployed. Ms. Jay asked me to email her my resume and she said don't worry I am going to help you.


Oh my God, help she did - She redesigned my resume, worked with me to craft a cover letter, sent me job leads daily, directed me to job fairs, introduced me to business connections, practiced mock interviews with me, and taught me how to negotiate the salary that I desired.


Thankfully, I secured a great job and I appreciate all the help, care, and concern that I received from Ms. Jay.

- Luis, Marketing Analyst

I transferred my job from New York to Atlanta and I needed to stay close to the airport as I was relying on public transportation.


Ms. Jay provided me with a nice room that was 15 minutes from the airport. This was my first time away from home and I was a little scared. Ms. Jay reassured me and told me not to worry - that everything would work out.


She taught me how to budget and how to wash clothes. She even told me which neighborhoods to avoid when I was looking for my own apartment. When I went back home to get my car, and to move the rest of my belongings my Mom wanted to meet

Ms. Jay.


We stopped by the house and Ms. Jay invited us to have dinner. When we were headed to the new apartment, Ms. Jay asked if the furniture had arrived yet and I explained I didn't have any furniture yet - She smiled and said I will be right back - she returned from the garage with an elevated queen size mattress.

Man - she is a cool lady. We are glad to know her.

- G. Moreno, Southwest Airlines Employee

I arrived at the airport four hours late my phone was dead, and I was nervous. As I got off the escalator headed towards baggage claim I saw this lady smiling standing with a sign with my name on it. It was Ms., Jay - it was my first time meeting her and I was so glad that she waited for me. We quickly got my luggage and headed to her home. When we arrived she asked if I was hungry. We ate a snack and then she gave me a quick tour and showed me to my room. The next day we headed out to my language school but half way there, Ms. Jay determined it would take too long to commute there using Marta. She told me to call my Mom to see if she wouldn't mind me locating a closer school. My Mom agreed and the next day, Ms. Jay got me enrolled at Talk Atlanta in Midtown.


I met so many friends, I learned a lot, and I loved my room. Ms. Jay made the best food and I really appreciate all that she did for me. My family has invited Ms. Jay to visit us and we hope she comes.

- Martha of Bogata, Columbia

I visited Atlanta in May '19 to attend Talk Atlanta and my entrance was delayed due to issues with my Visa. Fortunately, KJ was able to connect me with a few free language programs in the metro area and I have been practicing my English for the past month and my skills have improved. The host home was clean and modern and everything was in walking distance from the home. K. Jay is an amazing person and is willing to help at all times. I felt safe in the community and I would of course recommend KJ'S Homestay Services to my friends. My name is Cindy and I am from Peru.

- Cindy, Peru

What Our Hosts Are Saying

I hosted an international guest from the United Kingdom who had accepted a new position with a marketing firm in Buckhead.


The guest was respectful, friendly, and clean. He resided with us for 3 months and was an absolute pleasure to host.

K. Jay was professional with all our communications and the monthly homestay fee was competitive. I will happily refer KJ's Homestay Services to colleagues and friends.

- Todd, Costume Designer

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